We all have a story to tell. It could be a story about hardship, about determination, about a second chance, about hope. Through Power of One, we tell these stories. The Power of One is a Signa Group initiative where we recognize the impact made by individuals and businesses and tell their stories in the hope to inspire more to action. Through their actions, whether it is sponsoring someone’s education, spreading awareness of a social concern, or furthering their own skills to better their communities, these stories reveal how one person can impact another and empower them. When one person is empowered, they can, in turn, make a meaningful contribution to someone else’s life. In this way, the impact of the Power of One can be exponential. We believe in the Power of One and we are committed to changing one person’s life at a time. These are their stories.

Signa Artisans in Motion (AIM)

AIM is a specialised artisanal skills training company operating a state-of-the-art facility in Jet Park, Boksburg.


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In 2021 AIM trained 175 fully qualified artisans.


On average, 85% of students who start an AIM course end up qualifying. Seventy-five percent of the artisans trained found permanent work within the year (at an average salary of R24 000 per month, more than 5 times the national minimum wage).


Invequity’s investment in AIM funded expansion of a state-of-the art welding school and testing facility with 17 welding and 7 welder coding stations. The first group of welding artisans commenced their training in 2022.


AIM has recently launched ‘Artisans-in-a-Box’. This fantastic initiative enables student to become self-employed and provides students not only with a basic house wiring or welding course (Basic Arc Welding, Basic Welding Skills and 3F & 3G Coding) but also a business course on how to promote / market their business, how to plan & price a job and how to get paid, and a start-up kit that includes all the equipment and material to start a small welding shop.


Primestars produces educational films shown to high school learners at cinemas around the country, with the goal of improving their matric results, as well as building valuable life skills. Movie topics include career guidance, entrepreneurship, math’s, science, and financial literacy.


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In 2021, 40 000 matric learners (all from under-resourced communities across SA) attended their Math’s and Science Revision programme, the learners improved their marks by a minimum of 15%, with high achievers raising their marks by 41%. The eduCate programme has assisted 300 000 learners since inception.


In 2021, 11 513 beneficiaries attended Primestars’ Green Start-up Entrepreneurship programme focused on creating small businesses in the green economy. Over 400 small businesses were entered into the Step Up 2A Green Start-up competition. The Step Up 2A Green Start-up programme has had 75 000 participants since inception.


In 2022 Primestars launched their ‘What About the Boys’ movie and programme focused on the prevention of gender-based violence through the promotion of a positive masculinity message to boys and adolescents. The first week of screening in mid-2022 saw over 2 500 boys participating in the programme.


The My Future My Career guidance has been running for 10 years with over 400 000 beneficiaries to date.

The Smartbucks financial literacy programme has had over 75 000 beneficiaries to date.


We ask that our clients and investors consider sponsoring any of the Primestars programmes, as apart from the genuine impact that Primestars has, this spend will also facilitate your CSI objectives (with a genuine measurable return on CSI investment), as well as assist on your B-BBEE scorecard (Socio-economic development and Enterprise development points) or give you Section18A recognition with reference to donations via the YouthStart NPO.


B1SA was established in 2003 as a data and Business Intelligence provider of supply chain management solutions services for small to large businesses. B1SA’s data and BI solutions are recognized as the industry leading B-BBEE Procurement optimization and management solutions for companies seeking to optimize and manage their BEE Procurement targets.  


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To broaden the impact of the new B1Link platform will have significant impact on SMME firms by creating one portal with which they can load all their key information needed by all their clients. This will considerably increase the ease of doing business as well as provide exposure to clients that SMMEs would not otherwise have access to, thereby promoting business growth and employment creation.


Forty percent of South Africans cannot afford to access uncapped broadband internet services. Riot Networks is an early stage tech company that develops, sells and supports wireless network infrastructure that provides uncapped broadband internet access to poorer South African communities at a fraction of the current cost of connectivity.


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RIOT’s two pilot sites have proven their technology and business model and have 1055 users benefiting from very low cost uncapped internet access in Olievenhoutbosch and Aeroton (Nasrec).


NguniKhula owns and leases livestock (cattle and sheep) to commercial farmers. This enables farmers to grow their and optimize land utilization without incurring the capital and funding costs to purchase the livestock. NguniKhula earns an attractive rental from these livestock assets.


Transformation of the agricultural sector in a manner that does not impact food security is critical in South Africa. NguniKhula’s innovative model enables black ownership of assets in the Agri sector, while creating livestock pools for commercial farming. NguniKhula currently leases close to 1,000 cattle to commercial farmers in various provinces across SA.