Tailored Impact Solutions:

Driving Sustainable Growth in Africa

We pride ourselves on our ability to create customized,
Africa-focused Impact Funds that cater to a diverse range of investor needs—from DFIs, Institutions, Corporates, and Family Office requirements. Our strategy goes beyond mere investment. It is about forging paths of sustainable growth and meaningful impact across the continent.

Our Investment Thesis:

Balancing Profit and Purpose
Our investment philosophy is clear:
It is possible to Do Good and Do Well.

Some of our investments in our three key impact areas:

1. Just Economy

Championing Economic Inclusivity.

Integrating SMMEs into larger
supply chains.

Transforming livestock farming
with innovative finance.

Riot Network
Affordable uncapped internet for every African

2. Social Well-being

Fostering Education and
Skills Development.

Empowering youth in
underserved communities.

Setting new standards in
artisanal training.

Advancing career development
for professionals.

Signa Academy
Specialized training for
individuals with disabilities.

3 . Environmental Health

Leading with Eco-Innovative

Cutting-edge water and waste

Delta Health and Safety
Pioneering in eco-friendly
safety gear.

Some of our investments cover all the bases, such
as RIOT Networks which breaks barriers through offering affordable internet in underserved areas.

Your Invitation to Impactful Investing

We invite you to be part of a financial evolution where your capital not only grows but also generates lasting positive change. Let’s forge a future where financial success and social impact are not just aligned but integrated.