Invequity’s various funds offer investors and their companies immediate Black Ownership benefits while simultaneously deploying capital into high impact investment opportunities. Our funds are tailored to the size and risk profile of our clients (investor company’s) needs. Led by a team of dedicated Private Equity experts, we create value for our client’s companies and their investments by driving growth and venturing across these high impact businesses.


Designed for clients with businesses that are either Exempt Micro Enterprises (EME’s) with annual turnover below R10 million or smaller Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE’s) with annual turnover below R20 million, where affordability is a key consideration, the All-In Fund offers a low cost, low risk Black Ownership and investment solution.


Where cash flow is limited yet your customers demand a competitive B-BBEE level from you, the All-In Fund was designed to provide an affordable 51% Black Ownership solution and Level 2 BEE Status.


The All-In Fund offers a simple investment from as little as R6 000 p/m*, with no additional fees, and no hidden costs. Returns are capped at a 6% compound average growth rate to offer an inflation adjusted return of your capital over the life of the fund.


The All-In Fund was created for customers looking for less risk and greater certainty. The peace of mind created by the set return profile allows for a clear and easy decision to be made.


Similar to the All-In Fund, the Let’s Grow Fund is designed for clients with businesses that are smaller Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE’s) with annual turnover below R20 million where affordability remains a key consideration. The Let’s Grow Fund is designed with affordability in mind yet for clients seeking a higher return from an actively managed portfolio.


The Let’s Grow Fund presents an affordable 51% Black Ownership solution and Level 2 BEE Status while offering participation in the full upside of investment returns.

Basic monthly contributions start from R9 900 p/m* that cover the investment and management fees to operate the fund.


The Let’s Grow Fund was created for clients who wish to participate in the full return opportunity generated from Invequity’s active management of its investment portfolio.


Let’s Grow Fund investments are deployed into high-impact Black-owned businesses operating in key sectors including Education, Technology, and Agriculture that strongly benefit from “venturing” across the portfolio.


The Dash Fund is designed for larger clients with annual turnover up to R100 million. The Dash Fund is designed with simplicity in mind for clients that demand credible and assured Black Ownership credentials that support their goals to scale their business. Managing time and resources efficiently is key.


The Dash Fund has a simple and seamless implementation to maximize your Black Ownership credentials without disrupting your business activities while directing your committed capital contributions to impactful and innovative Black empowered businesses.


When implemented alongside a holistic B-BBEE strategy, the Dash Fund can greatly reduce the cost of your overall B-BBEE compliance while compounding the socio-economic impact your business makes in South Africa.


Bespoke Funds are individually designed for large businesses and multinational businesses seeking specific Black Ownership and investment outcomes unique to their particular requirements.


The Bespoke Fund solution is designed to solve for complex ownership structures often found with  large companies or multinationals and offers a flexible long-term option for large companies to optimize their Black Owneship within their overall B-BBEE strategy.


Invequity’s Bespoke Fund solutions offer a number of funding and deployment options that can suit the unique prerequisites of a company’s resource constraints and risk profile. Invequity’s Bespoke Funds drive significant investment that greatly impact economic inclusion and growth in the South African economy.

“As an active partner, we create value for our clients by working closely with management teams and investment partners, unlocking “venturing” opportunities to create growth and have a high social impact.”