Invequity funds are directed towards investors seeking real-time transformation and empowerment opportunities. Led by a team of dedicated Private Equity experts, we create value for our client’s investments and drive growth in the South African economy.
Committed capital in the Sprint Venture Fund are deployed into Sprint Investments via our dedicated S12J fund, Signafi Capital.
This fund specialises in minority investments in high impact leveraged venture and growth stage businesses with qualifying B-BBEE credentials.
An investment in Signafi Capital provides clients with up to 70% Enterprise and Supplier Development recognition on their investment amount for every year invested.
For businesses below R20m turnover, the goal is survival and building a foundation to scale the business. Cash flow is limited and Customers are precious.
The Let’s Grow Fund was designed with this in mind, providing an affordable 51% Black Ownership Solution and Level 2 BEE Status while taking care of your company’s future. Let’s Grow Fund investments are deployed into high-impact Black-owned businesses operating in key sectors including Education, Technology and Agriculture.

For businesses between R20m and R50m turnover the goal is building on the foundation and scaling the business rapidly. Managing time and resources efficiently is key.


The Dash Fund has a simple and seamless implementation to maximize your Black Ownership without disrupting your business activities. This is achieved by committing capital into Transformative Investments creating an economic shift for innovative Black-owned businesses.


For businesses above R50m turnover, the goal is sustaining growth and continuously creating new opportunities. Consistency and Innovation reigns.


The Bespoke Fund Solution solves for any B-BBEE Ownership requirements with a perfectly customized structure addressing unique business needs. A flexible and controlled solution to optimize black ownership points while facilitating true transformation and growth for the investor, investee and the South African economy.


“As an active partner, we create value for our clients by working closely with management teams and investment partners to create growth and have a high social impact.”